Ikigai – Number 1 best-selling book in India 2020

We have the honor to be the number one most sold book in India in 2020. Many people ask us how is this posible? Or how did we make it happen? The sincere answer, from Francesc and me is that we don’t know. As the writers we did our best to write the best book we could, but in terms of sales you never know what will happen once a book goes to market.

Ikigai, The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life is very popular all over the world but depending on the country-culture-place the sales go better or worse.

It is mysterious and surreal to me to see IKIGAI being the top 1 in India, and I can only be grateful to all the Indian people who read us and seem to love the message that we are sending to the world with our IKIGAI philosophy of life.