Tokyo random walks

In order to break with the routine that covid-19 has imposed on us, I have been taking walks every day through the neighborhoods of central Tokyo. Sometimes I go into temples and gardens, but what attracts me the most is wandering around, getting lost in the Tokyo labyrinth.

The first months of last year the streets were practically deserted but little by little they are busy again. Yes, almost everyone with the mask.

Every time I walk past the lonely olympic stadium, the construction of which was finished for the “2020” Tokyo Olympics (yet to take place), it is a reminder that even what we believe will happen with “certainty” in the future may not happen.

The ginkgos in the fall, when they turned yellow, were as beautiful as ever.

Lost in the streets of Ichigaya I came across a tiny shrine. A flower grew from within a bamboo pole.

After a stormy day, a girl cleans a manhole cover using tissue paper. The art in the manhole is drawing by Umino Chika.

A man stops to bow in front of a Shinto shrine near Waseda.

A cat near Omotesando!

At the entrance of Meiji Jingu the illustrations have changed to adapt to the covid times.

Not just Meiji Jingu, the streets are filled with reminders.

Stop コロナ (Corona)

Pikachu vending machine.

A flying monk?

In Tokyo we are having a mild winter and it seems that spring is trying to get ahead.

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