“Solo activities,” Héctor García proposes “finding your ikigai (sense of purpose) through solo activities”

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Nao-san for Tokion, a culture and fashion magazine that focuses on in-depth interviews.

−−Ikigai is a word you learned over the course of your daily life, isn’t it?

Hector: When I first learned the word Ikigai I thought it was such an interesting word, and I had this desire to spread it to the world. I never write about the negative aspects of Japan in my writings so some people tell me that this isn’t the real Japan. But spreading the positive aspects of Japan is more my style. I wanted the word ikigai to become as widespread and entrenched in other countries as terms like “geisha,” “samurai,” and “sushi” had become… Continue reading the full interview at: https://tokion.jp/en/2020/10/22/doing-things-solo-vol4/

Read the Japanese version https://tokion.jp/2020/10/22/doing-things-solo-vol4/