When you are busy, there is free time.

There is a Japanese proverb that says: bouchukan hima ari 忙中閑あり. Which can be translated as “in the midst of being busy, there is free time”.

I use this saying as a personal reminder when I feel overwhelmed in a busy period of my life. Usually the more busy we are the more we need to open up free time and do nothing but relax.

If I feel anxiety and have thoughts like: “I have no time to finish everything” what I do, instead of getting to work and get even more stressed, is to get out. I go for long walks and get lost the myriad of Tokyo streets, gardens, shrines and temples.

When I go back home after these random walks, my anxiety has vanished and I can tackle my “busyness” in a more healthy and effective way.

Remember: when you are very busy, there is free time.

Picture from one of my Tokyo walks that I use to relax during busy times.