What I was doing “now” in February 2022


After many years of living “fixed” in one place (Tokyo), I decided to be more flexible while keeping Tokyo as my main place. I stayed with my family in Spain for two months where I visited my grandfather who is 98 years old. After that I came here to Okinawa, where I’ve been enjoying good weather and beautiful blue skies. I plan to stay here for a while before going back to Tokyo.


Next month my first novel will be published. It took me seven years to finish! It was difficult to learn to write fiction, sometimes frustrating, but it was worth the experience.

It will be published in Spanish with the title La Era de la Eternidad, I hope it will be translated in the future to other languages.

In English I have published several books during the last months:

I’m also in the process of writing three more books that I aim to finish between 2022 and 2023.


I run four different websites:


I do bodyweight training almost daily. It has been four years now since I started. I’m focusing on repeating always the same basic movements (pull-ups, push-ups and squats) instead of trying to learn many at the same time. My tools for training are: yoga mat, rings and elastic bands.

Updated February 16th, 2022, from Okinawa.

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