The Quiet Life Episode 21: Find Your Ikigai with Héctor García

It was an honor to be a guest at The Quiet Life and talk with Michael from

One of the common needs of our society, both in terms of Ikigai and Mindfulness, is to have more meaning in our daily lives and be more free from the stress of our “DO DO DO, ACHIEVE ACHIEVE ACHIEVE” culture. From Michael and Just Breathe Project I appreciate the openness of how they do things and how good they are when it comes to building communities. I also loved that both Michael and me are not from just one place… but from many.

Being in the The Quiet Life podcast with Michael did not feel like an interview, it was more like a conversation, and I would even say, that he did “therapy” on me, I felt good after the conversation and the days after, I’m guessing it will also lift up the listeners hearts!

From The Quiet Life:

On this weeks episode we talk to Héctor García, Author of Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life about life in Japan, finding your purpose in life and making way to spend more time doing the things that make you happy. An important conversation about finding your way in life, and discovering how everyone has the power to making a difference.

Héctor García is a citizen of Japan, and the author of several books about Japanese culture, including two worldwide bestsellers. His popular blog led to his international bestseller A Geek In Japan. His bestselling book Ikigai has been translated to 57 languages, has the strange honor of being the most translated book ever originally written in Spanish language. To find out more about Hector you can visit his blog or you can follow him on Instagram @kirainet.

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