La era de la eternidad – The age of eternity

My first novel has been published in Spain, the title is La era de la eternidad (The Age of Eternity). If you can read Spanish you can already order it! If sells well in Spain I guess it will be translated to English in the future.

It was a huge challenge for me to write fiction. It took me seven years to complete it, usually to write a no-fiction book I spent around three years on average.

A big thanks to everyone who helped me to make my first novel a reality:
– Xavi Comas from CoverKitchen for the cover design.
– Javier Yañez from Wewotion for the trailer.
– Pablo Uría for the map design.
Minotauro for publishing it.
Sandra Bruna, my agent for believing in me.
– Francesc Miralles, Vicente, Rosa, David Aguirre, Aitor, Rodrigo, Alberto, Albert and Carlos for helping me to write-review the book.