The moment seizes you – Ichigo Ichie on Arti Moments

In an era of social networks it always makes me happy to see people blogging. Arti has a beautiful blog called and our book Ichigo Ichie has inspired a series of blogspots on his April Challenge 2021.

I leave you with the words for Arti:

Dear Readers,Welcome to the second week of the #Blogging from A to Z  April Challenge 2021. My theme this year is based on the Japanese concept of  Ichigo Ichie which means–“What we are experiencing right now will never happen again. And therefore, we must value each moment like a beautiful treasure.”I’ve put together a collage of such moments which can be seen as chance occurrences, coincidences , pre-destined or random (depending on who you ask) for this month’s challenge.
I thank you for spending your precious moments with me today. Arti

 “You know how everyone’s always saying ‘seize the moment’?” She says excitedly. “I don’t know, I’m kinda thinkin’ it’s the other way round. You know, like, the moment seizes us.”

This quote is from the end scene of the film Boyhood. 
Although I’ve seen and love the film, I came across this quote on page 16 of The Book of Ichigo Ichie and decided to use it for today’s post because it fits the photo essay that follows.
April 2019, I was roaming the streets of Barcelona when my attention….

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