Book Talk Today #26 – Ikigai – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life: Interview with Hector Garcia

I had the honor to be invited to the and we had a great conversation on his podcast. We talked not only about Japan and philosophy but also about photography, books, writing, creativity and also daily routines (Or not really routines ).


0:00 – Intro

1:56 – How Hector was introduced to Japanese culture.

6:35 – What has Hector learnt being in Japan?

14:24 – Japanese culture’s relationship with nature.

17:02 – Hector’s journey with photography.

18:22 – The creative energy of big cities.

19:02 – The energy of Tokyo.

29:07 – Ikigai and Japanese Culture

33:02 – Where did the idea of ‘Ikigai’ come from?

34:21 – What’s the difference between passion and purpose?

42:32 – When should you give up on something?

45:35 – How does Hector manage his creative pursuits?

49:41 – The secret to creative production.

54:20 – Hector’s routine.

57:58 – What’s Hector’s writing process?

1:08:44 – Where does artistic creativity come from?

1:18:56 – Outro

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